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How to Brew Beer - CBD, Hemp, Blueberry Lager

Published on 21 Jun 2020 / In CBD Vids

In this brewing video, we make a lager with CBD, hemp, and blueberries in an attempt to make a dank homebrew beer similar to the Sweetwater 420 Strain G13 IPA or The Hemperor by New Belgium. Hemp and Cannabis are becoming more popular and more legal, so we wanted this beer to have the aroma of herbal cannabis, but only have the effects of CBD which mellows you out but doesn't make you high. In order to do this, we add hemp seed and CBD to this beer. We also add a ton of Columbus hops to this beer because of their punchy flavor and strong aroma. Columbus hops are guaranteed to pair well with any dank beer. For some extra flavor, we add dried blueberries to this beer in order to give the body some fruity flavor. Overall, the beer turned out to be a nice light lager with notes of blueberry, nuts, and the calming effects of alcohol and CBD. If you're into cannabis or hemp, brew this beer a few weeks before 420 and then share it with some friends on this unofficial national holiday. We recommend pairing this beer with cheeses or desserts like chocolate cake. Check out the resources below for brewing equipment, a full recipe, and an article about the rise in popularity of hemp ales.

Full recipe: https://goo.gl/Q9onnN
Brewing Equipment: https://goo.gl/tfyo5R
The Growing Popularity of Hemp Ales: https://www.craftbeer.com/craf....t-beer-muses/hemp-al

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