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CannaCon 2018
Hynes Convention Center, 900 Boylston St, Boston, MA 02115
Fri Jul 27@7:00am to Sat Jul 28@7:00pm
Wormtown Music Festival 2018
Camp Kee-Wanee, Greenfield MA
Fri Sep 14@9:00am to Sun Sep 16@9:00pm
Ziontific Music Festival 2018
Moses Scout Reservation, 310 Birch Hill Rd, Russell, MA 01071
Fri Jun 15@6:00am to Mon Jun 18@6:00pm
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Stoners.org is a marijuana friendly social network

It is completely free to join our community, and browse Stoners.org as well as communicate with other Stoners just like you as well as marijuana friendly businesses of all shapes and sizes. If you're looking to meet like minded people like yourself, perhaps maybe a little different, maybe even a little more strange or 'unique', then you've come to the right place. We will never delete your post or video or profile, simply because you are pro-marijuana. In fact, we encourage those types of things on our website. Be yourself, ask questions, contribue, and by all means feel free to communicate freely with our staff. We are here because you are here. If it weren't for Stoners like you, we wouldn't be here. If you need help with something please either ask our staff or ask another Stoner on our website. The great thing about being a Stoner is most of us have a willingness to help others.

If you want to get lost in a sea of funny and interesting marijuana oriented videos submitted by our very own Stoners, then check out our Stoner videos section by clicking here. Coming soon, upload your videos and be monetarily rewarded for ad clicks from Stoners watching your video. We think it's only fair that if we earn money from ads because of great Stoners like you, that you should also earn money for your hard work and brilliant personality.
Wether you're living in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Europe, or the edge of the world, if you know of a marijuana friendly event coming up which you would like to let others know, or are you looking for a nearby marijuana friendly event taking place in your area, visit our marijuana friendly events section by clicking here
If you're single and looking for a 420 friendly relationship, then check out our 420 personals classifieds section by clicking here. Create your own ad and/or search for other Stoners that live near you. Unlike other dating sites where you usually can't search for Stoners, ours you can, and you don't have to pay us anything to communicate with others. Search by region or distance from your location. See various factors such as if they do other drugs, drink, smoke, work, have a car, or have/want children.
Are you at all curious if perhaps a different marijuana strain may work better for you? Would you prefer to be more awake, alert, energetic, and social during the day or maybe less stressed, more relaxed at night? Are you medicating because of physical pains or mental health reasons? Help us build an Indica, Sativa, CBD, hybrid, database that you and other stoners can view to see how various types of strains work best in various situations and personal conditions. Visit our Marijuana Strains Review section by clicking here.
Own a marijuana friendly business or company? Or are you trying to spread the word about a marijuana friendly product that you know other Stoners will fall in love with? Besides paying for advertising on our website, you can create a free profile for your marijuana friendly business and we can connect you with them without charging you a cent. Visit our marijuana business directory by clicking here to visit these marijuana minded businesses or click here to register your marijuana friendly business in our directory.
Are you looking for some new music to add to your pallette? If so, click here to visit our Stoner Bands / Artists section. If you're an artist or band looking for an audience, all you have to to is register by clicking here and our members will be able to hear your music (should you decide to upload some of your tunes) and let you know what they think.
Many medical marijuana patients know before seeing a physician that medical marijuana will help aleviate some of their ailments. Millions of people have self medicated for years before medical marijuana was a thing. Alternatively, there are millions of people who would benefit from medical marijuana who may not yet have experience with it and have some questions that a specialized physician could assist with. If you are a medical practice who isn't afraid to recommend medical marijuana should the case warrant it, please register as a medical marijuana practice by clicking here. If you are seeking advice regarding possibly obtaining your medical marijuana card for relief from any number of medical conditions please see our directory of medical marijuana friendly medical practices by clicking here.
If you already have your medical marijuana card or live in a region where adults can purchase marijuana from a dispensary, and are looking for a marijuana dispensary, be sure to check out our marijuana dispensaries section in which you can search by region. Since there are also locations in the United States now where as an adult you can purchase marijuana without a doctor's recommendation, we also show recreational (or adult-use) marijuana dispensaries. If you are reading this and are a medical marijuana dispensary for either case, please sign up as a marijuana dispensary by clicking here.