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Looking for some helpers

Thu Aug 2 '18, 8:32pm - 83 views

Hey guys and girls,

While we try to strap down all of the known issues on due to our rapid deployment of the software, we are looking for one or two individuals who like what we're doing and wouldn't mind helping us out in their spare time. Nothing too crazy, just what your time allows. If you'd like to become a website moderator we would be interested in speaking with you. If you're not online very often and would just like to suggest a few features well we'd love to hear about you about that too. 

Currently we are looking for a few buddies that wouldn't mind helping  us to find all of the bugs, even though we're well aware of the majority of them. The same thing goes for limitations or missing features that you may come across. 

Our goal, like many other websites out there, is to offer a free service for hundreds of thousands of cannabis enthusiasts to speak their mind, show their personality, and maybe even make a friend or two while they're here. In fact we're aiming for more than just a friend or two. 

If you have any programming experience, graphic design experience, or other experience that you think you could lend us while we get this place going, we would be more than honored to have you give us a hand. If you don't have those experiences but still wish to help us grow since we are just starting out, please feel free to get in touch with us.

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