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United Kingdom Approves Cannabis for Medical Use

Published July 28, 2018     Last Edited 2018-07-29 10:29pm UTC
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The United Kingdom has recently approved Cannabis for patients who could benefit from its benefits. Cannabis will be rescheduled from Schedule 1 to Schedule 2; something the U.S. has yet to do.  The government has made it clear that this change doesn't mean they are planning to completely legalize marijuana. The change, however, does bring comfort to many patients who will benefit from medical marijuana.

The change in policy was brought forth from a case of a 13-year-old boy named Billy Caldwell. Billy has a rare form of epilepsy of which marijuana helps him to control his seizures. 

“For the first time in months I’m almost lost for words, other than ‘thank-you Sajid Javid,’”  mother Charlotte said, according to The Independent,  to the Home Secretary Sajid JavidCaldwell, pointing out that the greatnews came on her son’s 13th birthday. “Never has Billy received a better birthday present, and never from somebody so unexpected”.

Still, using or selling cannabis for recreational purposes will remain a criminal offense in the country. Possession of the plant or its ingredients will carry an unlimited fine and up to five years in jail. Sellers can face up to 14 years in prison.

Alt Text Jesssss
 4 months ago

Hey that's a step in the right direction. Perhaps people are finally starting to wake up and see that medical marijuana can be useful for a number of ailments

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