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12 year old severely epileptic boy may be allowed to be treated with medicinal cannabis at home

Published July 08, 2018
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Billy Caldwell, from County Tyrone, was previously being treated in London.

He returned to Northern Ireland, where he lives with his mother Charlotte, on Thursday afternoon after the Department of Health issued an emergency licence allowing doctors in Belfast to treat him with Cannabis.

Belfast Health and Social Care Trust released a statement saying it is "working very hard with the Department of Health to put in place the necessary arrangements" for Billy to receive his medication at home in Castlederg from early next week, rather than at hospital in Belfast.

Ms Caldwell said that Billy was taken to the Royal Victoria Hospital in Belfast on Friday morning following a seizure.

"Billy is on the highest spectrum of autism. He should be having familiarity and order in his life - his toys, his garden, his bed and his own home. Instead, he's been forced to endure the exact opposite and we just want to take him home and for me to be able to give him his medication at home." his mother said.

The UK government has since said that it will make a decision within the next few weeks regarding whether or not laws should be changed for cannabis for medicinal purposes.

Billy's began using cannabis oil in 2016 to control his seizures. His case is one of many cases around the world where Cannabis is used to treat various medical conditions while many outdated laws make it very difficult for so many to receive treatment without facing possible criminal prosecution.

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