Stoners Investor Information

July 5, 2022

Who We Are

Stoners first started in 2003 and through the years has grown into its own creation. Our business is family run, in other words, we are not a large corporation. Our team is different from many of the other businesses out there. When we say that we care about your experience while using our services, we truly mean it.

What We Do

Through our dispensary directory and database of Stoners, we provide content that we believe to be relevant to each individual consumer.

What We Have

While many online communities have taken steps to remove Cannabis content, we welcome it with open arms. Our database of global cannabis businesses and consumers allows us to showcase the best products to our members. We offer an affordable alternative Cannabis advertising solution to licensed dispensaries and brands.


Marketing opportunities available through the Stoners platform may include traditional banner advertising, as well as boosted visibility for dispensaries, brands, and products.


If you are investor and would like more information regarding our financials, please contact us directly.


Currently we will only consider initial investments totalling more than $100,000.