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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How much do you charge to be a member on this website?

Answer: is a free website to use. If in the event we ever decide to charge anything to be a member, it would only be a small optional amount that those who wish to support us can choose to pay and receive extra features. For now however that option doesn't exist but it is free to signup and use your website.

Question: Can I buy or sell marijuana on your website?

Answer: No sorry, until U.S. laws change thus allowing for buying and selling of marijuana online, we don't allow for anyone to post ads for buying or selling marijuana

Question: How do I delete my account?

Answer: Although we hate to hear anyone wanting to delete their account on our website, we understand and respect everyone's decision to do so. The process of deleting your account is not automated for security purposes. Please contact support with your email address and we will get back to you to confirm that you want to delete your account prior to us removing it

Question: How old do I have to be to join

Answer: While there are no official guidelines governing an age requirement for being a member on a marijuana friendly social site, we ask that our members refrain from signing up until at least their 18th birthday. Members found on our website to be younger will have their accounts removed. While we understand that many adults start consuming marijuana at a age younger than 18, we are trying to protect our business by only accepting legal adults to participate.

Question: I am being harassed by another member, what can I do?

Answer: We do not tolerate harassment towards our members. If you are being harassed by another member please contact us immediately so we can investigate your report of harassment. While we don't enjoy removing our valued members, we also want our members to respect one another and feel comfortable while they're using our website

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