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Leicester Massachusetts Receives Its First Recreational Cannabis Shop License

Published July 03, 2018
Authored by Cool Dude
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A medical marijuana dispensary in Leiscester, Massachusetts is now the first licensed recreational cannabis in Massachusetts.

Massachusetts' Cannabis Control Commission unanimously voted on Monday to approve a provisional adult-use retail license for Cultivate Holdings, which currently grows, processes, and sells medical marijuana to qualified patients. The company says it will be ready to open for business as soon as the final license is granted.

Massachusetts had been aiming for a July 1 launch date for adult-use cannabis sales, but delays, have slowed the scheduled rollout. Even with the newly granted license, it’s not immediately clear when Cultivate will be open to adults 21 and over. 


However, a key piece of the puzzle is still missing. Not a single cannabis-testing laboratory has submitted a complete license application. Products can not be sold unless they’ve first been tested at a licensed lab.

The Chairman for the Cannabis Control Commission last week said that they expect at least three labs that currently serve the state’s medical cannabis industry to apply for licenses and that they’re pretty much ready to go.

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