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Oklahoma State Board of Health Disapproves Dispensing of Smokeable Marijuana

Published July 10, 2018
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The Oklahoma State Board of Health approved some rules for medical marijuana, though they did not approve the dispensing of smokeable marijuana. The 76 page document was completed approximately 2 weeks after voters voted to approve State Question 788, legalizing the use of medical marijuana.

Unfortunately the Oklahoma State Medical Association said the rules should also include three additional recommendations like banning smokable cannabis and limiting the number of dispensaries since, "The majority of Oklahomans do not want dispensaries on every corner or strip mall,” said Dr. Jean Hausheer, president of the OSMA. “Instead, rules governing dispensaries should be consistent with how the health department already addresses other medical services by limiting the number and location of treatment beds and other services based on public need.” She went on to say that she did not believe the voters knew what they were voting on when they approved State Question 788.

Officials say they expect legal challenges to the rules

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